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Atlanta Children's Center for Developmental and Behavioral Health specializes in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children from infancy through high school. Our team of psychologists brings expertise and individualized care to each client, drawn from decades of experience working in multiple clinical settings, specialty clinics, and children's hospitals.  Our goal is to help parents answer important questions about their children's developmental and behavioral functioning so that we can help children to reach their full potential.  

Developmental and Psychological Evaluations for infants, preschoolers and school age children. Diagnostic concerns include autism spectrum disorder, learning disorder, ADHD, and other social/emotional/behavioral disorders.  

Family and individual therapy using cognitive behavioral strategies to help children with behavioral difficulties, anxiety, mood problems, and social skills. 

Individualized consultations with parents to address common parenting concerns including tantrums, picky eating, sleep problems and toilet training. 

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